The Star of the Magi

Courtney Roberts, M.A.


The Star of the Magi by Courtney Roberts, M.A., explores who the Magi were, how their astrology informed their beliefs, and how much those beliefs influenced their Jewish neighbors.

New Light on an Old Star

At long last, a deep background dive into the Star of Bethlehem in full consideration of the historical role of the Biblical Magi & their religio-political astrology; especially in both predicting and precipitating the rise & fall of kingdoms, dynasties & religious authorities

...a breathtaking blend of the latest research & discoveries in Biblical scholarship, history, astronomy, and astrology; the evidence is finally telling the whole story as it has never been told before. 

& the Persian Religion

Cyrus Frees the Jews in Babylon   J. Fouquet, 15th Cent.
Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje
Millions of people of all faiths & nations flock to Marian shrines around the world; 
a testament to the enduring human desire for transcendence & meaning.  
Visions of the "Luminous Lady in White" abound:  
At Zeitun, Egypt, she was witnessed by hundreds of thousands of Jews, Muslims & both Protestant AND Orthodox Christians.  
Courtney Roberts adds a new and fascinating dimension to these miraculous sightings, exploring them through the perspective of astrology.

...The first of its kind to introduce the astrological dimension 
into comparative religious studies.

Visions of the Virgin
delicately unravels the tangled skein of  pre-Christian goddesses woven into the cults and legends of the Virgin Mary, and reflected in the stars,  revealing a tradition of goddess worship still very much alive and well in contemporary Christianity.